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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Saturday was a nice snowy day, and so Nate and I decided to use the inner tubes that we bought back in summer to go sledding with some siblings. We gathered them all, filled up the tubes for a mere 50 cents, and headed to rock canyon for some serious sledding.

Ninja Nate at the base of the Mountains. He doesn't particularly like this picture, but I think he's cute.

There were Trains....
I got this amazing coat for Christmas, and it's great, and so warm. I love that.

I love this picture of Mar.

Another Train.


There was this other funny little boy there who was wearing a little red jumpsuit. He had one of those circular kinds of sleds, and he just kept jumping in that thing and curling up into a little bean shape inside it and then holding on for dear life as he headed down the hill. It was hilarious. He looked like he was terrified each time he did it, but then he kept on coming up the hill and jumping back into that sled to do it again. Seems kind of like me and roller coasters. Those pictures they take never come out looking like I'm having fun, but I love them just the same.

One more week of break--any suggestions on what to do with it?

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