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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs...

But no lions and tigers.

We went to the dinosaur museum for my birthday yesterday, and we took a few good pictures. We also heard a few really great quotes.

"What kind of poop is this mom?" --girl referring to fossilized feces.

"Don't close your eyes, because then you can hear it, and you'll be more scared."--Girl in the theatre, referring to the 3D movie we were waiting to see about prehistoric sea monsters.

And now, pictures.
Nate doesn't even realize the danger he's in...

I, however, am well aware that there is a GIANT shark behind me

What's this? Dinosaur Bones?

It's a complete fossil!

Anyway, the museum was awesome, and if you get the chance to go, you should. It's super fun for kids, and really fun for adults too.


  1. dah. I can't view the pics! I"ll have to visit again tomorrow. But the quotes crack me up!!

    Happy belated b-day, friend!!

    Love the green!

  2. "Hey, have fun at the dinosaur museum!"
    "Uh, what? We're at home...playing Wii..."
    You two are so cute!