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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Graduation Smock? Check.

I went to the graduation fair today, and I ordered my official graduation smock. I'm really glad that I can rent this one, because I had to buy my graduation robes for my High School graduation. I was even told that I wasn't allowed to walk if I didn't buy my own robes.

Once I got those high school robes, I noticed that the inside tag stated, "Do not wash or dry clean."

What on earth are you supposed to do with them then?

Clearly, they're meant for using as a haircutting robe. I wish I had some pictures from it, but I cut many people's hair using those robes.

Graduation this time, I just use them, and let the graduation robe rental place figure out what to do with them...

...and I'll try not to wonder how they sanitize the robes in between uses.


  1. I think you ought to cut some hair with this robe for good measure before you return it.

  2. This might seem mean but its not meant to be mean:
    Dont you think you should treasure your robes from High School? If I cut hair with my high school robe I would feel like I am disrespecting the school.
    Anyways I love you!

  3. Hey Abby!

    I wasn't doing it to disrespect my high school--I was just trying to make sure they were used for something, and I was cutting a lot of people's hair. When you're moving around all the time, the things you keep with you have to be used for something :).

    Also, I love you too. :)

  4. Oh I know that you werent disrispecting your High school it just sounded like you were. But its good to know that you werent disrespecting your high school
    I love you!

  5. I love this post. Yay for graduation!