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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Winds of Change, They are A-Blowin'

Nate and I are going through a lot of different changes right now, it's pretty crazy.

First, there's the fact that we're moving in about two and a half weeks.
Second, there's the fact that I'm graduating, and trying to find a job somewhere...anywhere, close by.
Third, the season is definitely finally switching from winter to spring.

I don't know how I feel yet about all of these changes. I'm pretty excited about getting a job...I just hope it'll happen. Nate graduates about a year after I do, and then we're off to grad school or something like it. Right now, everything is still up in the air, but I've got a feeling that everything is going to fall soon.

And I even think it's going to fall right in to the places that it should. Looks like we're really becoming grown ups or something.


  1. Lots of changes, indeed!
    Hope everything works out, you guys! I remember that funny limbo of post graduation job hunting!! (Although it feels like such a distant memory now!)

    Keep us posted!!

  2. Where are you guys moving to?