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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Once apon a time, my mom had connections.

Now, these connections weren't just for things like, popcorn, or for scout expo tickets, or trips to JJ (although she is the ultimate connection for such things). This time, the connections were for Lagoon. For parking, and for entry into the park and for free.

As a result, we got to spend Saturday with our family, riding rides, having fun, and just all around enjoying ourselves. and for FREE!

Mom, I really don't know how to thank you for being so generous. I know that you got them for free, but the fact that you shared them with us so that we could go is wonderful. Even better, I think, is the fact that you gave them to other people too. Not just people who are mostly related to us, but people waiting in line for tickets. Honestly, you've been a great example of generousity to me for my entire life. I know that you just do it because it makes sense to you to do it, but I still think you're awesome.

Also, Lagoon was really fun. The hardest part of it for me was definitely the Ferris Wheel. I know, it doesn't go fast, it doesn't go crazy, but I get a little dizzy, and scared. Give me a rollar coaster any day, but the ferris wheel causes me issues...at least when there's no seat belt. Notice the picture second down, on the far right...that's me trying to enjoy the ferris wheel.

Anyway, it was fabulous, and thanks to Ashley who sent me the pictures to spice up the post. Our camera is hanging out in Utah County...but we'll get it this weekend! Thanks family--we'll see you soon.
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