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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Nursery" Pictures

So, we don't really have a nursery, exactly. We do have a second bedroom, but it's on another floor in the house. While I know that having her sleep in another room could be a good thing, knowing myself, and how I'd react to a baby monitor, I'm sure that I'd be getting up for every single little whimper, running downstairs to check on her, realizing she's fine, and then running upstairs again to sleep...only to hear something else to run back down again.

Just thinking about it is tiring.

Now, I'm sure that I'll do a similar thing with her in our room--but at least this way, I can check without stairs, at least until we're a little more used to her being around. Also, if you want to stay with us, we've still got a room for you.

So, the nursery, for now, is part of our room. The paint and the curtains came with the room--not awful, but we probably would have decorated differently if it was our house.

This is the rocking chair that we have. I originally wanted a glider, but after looking into prices, and hearing that they actually can be pretty not-useful I went with this rocking chair that I found at a local thrift store for $12. It currently has a sheet on it, because it's ugly, and a little old, and needs to be recovered. We'll see if that actually happens before our baby comes, or if it happens some other time...

This is our crib--it will eventually convert into a toddler bed. The adorable quilt there was made and sent to us by my sister Emily--so cute! In the previous picture, and this one, you can see some little wall decorations. I found some packs of cute shaped paper at Michaels for a dollar each, glued them to some foam board from the dollar store, hot glued some little bows made from ribbons on presents at our baby shower, and stuck them to the wall. The total cost was less than $10, and I think the overall effect is pretty cute.

This is the closet, it's right next to her crib. We stuck a nightstand in the bottom that was already in the apartment, rearranged the shelves, and used a curtain rod from somewhere else to make a place to hang her clothes. Also, not expensive, and now there's a good place for her clothes, and baby accessory-type things.

This is a close-up of the baskets and the nightstand. The baskets were only a dollar each at the dollar store--and look at the cute little butterflies on them. Also, there's a baby book there that's completely adorable (Thanks for the gift card Aunt Lori, Erica and co. :)

Here are some toys that she has, that will likely not stay in the crib once she's born. There's the dog from Kathi Elison and co, and the frog from Diana Elison and Grace. Also, there's the turtle, which was Nate's when he was little. Not pictured in the crib my lamb and a bear rattle from when I was a baby. Tender, eh?

Lastly, there's this picture frame, which is currently filled with the people who came with the frame. It says, "Family Tree" on the bottom, and it will soon be filled with pictures from our very own little family sapling.


  1. Good call on the chair, it looks a lot wider than most gliders so hopefully you'll be able to nurse more comfortably!

    Very cute and well done! Also, I have a smallish sort of present for you, so I need your address :)

  2. I really like the wall decorations, way to be crafty!

  3. Very cute! Nursery decorating is the best! We are so happy for you guys and can't wait for your little one to arrive. Babies are the best thing out there!

  4. Having Christopher in our room wasn't a problem until he started pulling himself up in the crib. Get a "light-up" type baby monitor so you can see how loud the baby is crying. A sheet is nice because when they spit up on it, you just throw it in the wash.

  5. Oh my goodness!! It looks so good!