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Monday, February 15, 2010

My House isn't Clean...

But my baby is. :)

Life here is going pretty well. Katie is 6 weeks old, and she went with us to church yesterday for the first time. Clearly, this prompted the need for a photo shoot. You can see it here. She was pretty great. I think church actually went by more quickly than usual. Having Katie there makes it almost a game to ward off any potential crying. She's also really cute and fun to watch, so that helps when things are...less entertaining.

Emily came and visited us about a week ago. I miss her already. It was so nice to have her to hang out with, and to talk to, and she taught me to make some fun things--like flower bows, andwheat thins, and Katie loved her. Emily, come back soon! The Wheat Thins are all gone... ;) Seriously though, it was so great to have you here. I love you!

We got a lot of snow out here--not as much as DC, but probably about a foot and a half or so. Because of the snow, Emily's flight was cancelled, and she had to spend an extra day with us. We didn't mind.

Overall, life is really good. I'm working out the details of being a mom and a housewife. I'm learning to do a lot of things with one hand, and learning to let some things go. It's OK if my clean laundry piles up, or if the vacuuming waits an extra day or two. Seeing the messiness around me sometimes makes me feel a little like I'm failing at what I'm "supposed" to do, but I'm not. Katie is thriving, I bathe on a a regular basis, and no one is starving. I'm even happy, which is more important than being tidy. I'll take the mysterious baby goo on my shirt and unfolded laundry over the alternative any day.


  1. Ugh, I look so nasty in those pictures... Could you just crop my head out of them? I miss you too, maybe I should send you some wheat thins in a box. :)

  2. Those pictures of Katie and Indie are priceless!! She is a beautiful baby--and I'm not biased at all!!