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Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Year

And one of Katie, because she doesn't usually look that grumpy.

We've been in Pennsylvania for a whole year now. Exactly one year ago (right about this time, actually, we pulled up and got out to a hot, humid, and beautifully green state.

One year later:
-Nate is about to start another semester of school.
-Katie has joined our family
-Nicole was in an accident that totaled one car, and now we've got a new one. (No one was hurt, and it actually worked out to be financially in our favor)
-We've moved once to an apartment slightly closer to town
-We've survived a whole summer without air conditioning. Some days, it was quite difficult, but we did it.
-Katie has managed to learn to smile, laugh, eat solid foods, get 4 teeth, crawl, roll over, and be basically too adorable for people not to comment on.
-Indiana has survived not being the main being that needs caring for, and has made a few friends and even been to a dog park many times.

It's been a really good year, and even though we miss seeing our families as often, Pennsylvania really has been a pretty great place to live.


  1. What a year. Major props on surviving without AC. And I love that grumpy Katie face. She'd fit right in with one of those old black and white photos where everyone's frowning or stoic.

  2. I just had to leave a comment about how simply adorable your little girl is...I miss this stage.
    Kristina J.