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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pants Refashion and OTI Post

I don't know if you read Kayla, Amy, and Erica's blogs, but they're pretty great.  Anything I ever wear that's halfway fashionable has probably been inspired by Kayla's 21 Day Challenge, which got me out of just jeans and a T-shirt...at least sometimes.

These three ladies have been doing a fun series called Open to Interpretation, and, tomorrow, we're all invited to play along as well.

As per the usual rules of the whole shebang, one of the three chooses an inspiration picture, and people go and get inspired by it, and then post pictures.  Here is the inspiration:

Now, you don't have to dress exactly like the outfit.  In fact, you're more encouraged to dress like yourself.  That being said, I happened to have, or have access to almost everything in this picture.  Even though it's just about nothing like what I usually wear, I decided to give it a go.  Before that though, I had to fix the pants.

I'm not super up on fashion trends, but I've seen enough pinterest to know that colored denim is pretty hot for fall.  I may be one season late, but why not, right?  I found these very, very large pink jeans at the thrift store for $0.30.  Originally, I passed on them.  When they were still there a week later, I thought, "Meh, what the heck?"  So I plopped down my money and proudly marched home with a pair of very pink pants.  Then I worried that pink pants might not fit into the whole colored denim trend...that it might just be red, blue, etc.  I threw them in my "do something with this later" pile and figured I'd do something later.

Then, I saw these on GAP's website: http://gap-mag.com/work-together-wear-together-bright-denim and I thought, "If that color of pink can be in, why not?"  Then the OTI crew showed this picture for the interpretation, and so, the pants finally became something less than size 20W.

Before (inside out so I can figure out where to start taking them in)

I took in the waist about 2 inches from the seam on both sides (about 4 inches of fabric, folded in half) and just sewed down the entire length of the seam.  Then I tried them on.  I thought about doing Liz's trick of taking in the crotch so that they could sit lower, but I just wore them up really, really high (like, above my belly button) with a belt.  Maybe I'll still take them in properly later...maybe I'll just wear them up really high.  As long as I don't have to tuck in a shirt in them, I should be good.
Once I'd sewn them to be small enough to be in mostly the right places up top, it was time to skinny the legs.  I just pulled the seam I'd sewn, and then pinched and marked where I wanted to skinny it with a washable marker.

And, Voila!  I gathered together everything I owned that was similar to this darling woman, and put it on.
Hat:  Nate's, Sweater: Cable-knit cardigan worn backwards from Old Navy (gift), Striped Shirt:  Thrifted, (refashioned), Jeans: Thrifted (refashioned) Shoes:  Crocs (gift)

To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit ridiculous in this outfit, especially the backwards cardigan, and we had to go to the vet.  Part of me thought, "Who cares, we're moving soon!"  The other part of me didn't want to make my husband shake his head the whole time we were together.  So this is what I actually ended up wearing:
I thought I would be kind of self-conscious about the hot pink pants...but no, I wasn't.  I actually didn't even think about my clothes the whole time (we even went out to eat after the vet appointment).  I would say that that makes this a pretty successful attempt at utilizing a trend that I probably would have never tried without another challenge.  Thanks guys!


  1. I love both of the variations! I'm actually wearing a backwards cardigan myself for the first time. And those pants look very good on you! I'm so impressed that you refashioned them! Thanks for participating!

    North Meets South

  2. I can't believe you refashioned those pants. They fit you perfectly!! And you look amazing (I do love the backward cardigan but I know what you mean about not wanting to leave the house in something crazy).

    Freckles in April

  3. Way to go girl! I love both outfits, but it's definitely a must to feel comfortable in what you're wearing so I'm glad you changed it up! Thanks for joining in!

  4. Oh my god that's a great outfit. You are too talented for taking in those pants! I'm thinking pink pants might be easier to wear than I thought...great outfit!


  5. Those pants look great on you. Love the final result!

  6. Um, I LOVE those pants. Nice work! Now I must be on the hunt for very large brightly-colored pants.

  7. well done with the pants resizing! I wish I'd have thought of wearing a backwards cardigan! I kind of like to make my coworkers wonder what is wrong with me when I come to work in stuff like that :-)

  8. your outfit is so awesome!! and i love how you refashioned those pants. so so cute!! that first outfit is SPOT ON!! awesome!

  9. I think it's awesome that you have the hat, and great job with the pants!