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Thursday, June 14, 2012

OTI: Voted Choice

Today's Choice is one that I actually pinned back in January or February...and then forgot about.  I'm so happy that it got picked, because I really love the combination of colors.

Shirt and Cardigan:  Old Navy, Jeans:  Forever 21

Here's to a super awkward pose, but an outfit that I kind of love.  I had to go with green stripes, because I don't own any gingham, actually, and I went with Blue on the bottom and pink on the top.  I also had a yellow watch on, but my adorable niece needed something to chew on, so that got lost in the car for now.  
In other news, visiting family is awesome, and I really, really love them all.  Hope your week is as good as mine is going so far!

To see more creative interpretations, check out Erica, Grace, Kayla, or anyone else who linked to their blogs!


  1. Very cute color combo -- and jeans!

  2. Green stripes are great. I really like the coral cardigan with them.

  3. I love your outfits! And yes, we really want to see you guys soon! Nate and I would love to come out and meet with you guys! Hope you're doing well!