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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What a Great Day.

So, Nate and I have been getting into the spirit of Christmas lately. On Thursday night, we went out and got a real tree. Also, that night, we added lights to it. Yesterday, with some help from our families, we got a tree stand, and some ornaments to put onto it. The ornaments have been sitting at my parent's house since we got married, because they were the ones we used in our centerpieces. We also went crazy and got wrapping paper, which has come in handy because we've also been getting presents to wrap in it. It's been so much fun. Today, we slept in late, which was glorious, and then we had breakfast and lunch at Denny's. Yes, that's right. Breakfast, AND lunch (Nate ordered lunch, I ordered breakfast, and we shared). Also, it snowed like, 3 inches, which was beautiful. We went and got some Christmas Shopping done, which is really, really fun, and we found both the Carpenter's Christmas CD, and the Muppet's and John Denver Christmas CD used in this fun little store in the mall. Then we went to work, which wasn't that busy, and then we went to Wal-mart, to get various things we need for the baking and treat making we're doing for FHE. Really, it's just been wonderful. For your own personal holiday enjoyment, here is our current spread:

The Tree, and Presents

This is a picture frame with all of the wrapping paper we've gotten for this year, along with a picture of us. It's like...a momento of our first Christmas...also, we had picture frames that weren't being used.

The tree with the lights--isn't it beautiful?

Merry Christmas Everyone.


  1. Hooray Christmas tree! Also, I like the picture frame with the wrapping paper idea, very creative!

  2. Hey Nate and Nicole I love your tree it is really cute!

  3. dah! The pictures aren't showing up! Good thing your writing captures all of the fun and important details! =) So glad we can stay in blog-touch!!

    So fun to see you guys on Sun!!!!

  4. Your Christmas tree is so beautiful! Love ya! -Karly