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Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Not for Naught!

I have worked pretty darn hard to get through the classes for my physics teaching minor, and about a month ago, I had to take the determining test that would say whether or not I was qualified enough to teach physics. I am happy to report that, upon opening up my score sheet yesterday, I found that I had gotten a score of 145, which is 9 whole points above where I needed to be in order to be licensed to teach in Utah.

In fact, last night I looked at the score requirements for all the other states that require the praxis test, and my score is good enough to be licensed in all those states except for three: Indiana, Virginia, and New Hampshire. I'm off by 1-2 points there.

Seriously though, this is SUCH a blessing. This score means that, in a week, when I'm all done and graduated, I will be fully qualified to teach both history and physics.

Now, I just have to find a job somewhere.


  1. Way to go, girl!!! I'm having such flashbacks of sitting with you in the V hall office listening to comments like, "I can't decide if I should keep going with Physics or if I should drop it altogether..." And now look at you!! Certified Physics AND History teacher! I'm WAY impressed! And that's got to be a relief!!!

    Love you tons- appreciated your kind comment on my last post. Pretty much made my day. Can't wait to read the killer snail post to Wes when he gets home =)