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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, We Did It!

We (and by we, I mean Nate) drove up to Tremonton today to finalize a place to live. We got to the apartment building, which has two apartments upstairs, and two apartments downstairs. While we waited for the manager guy to get there with the key and the permission, we speculated which apartment would be ours. We knew that it was one of the upstairs apartments. Apartment A was a clean front door, no problems with the blinds, nothing out on the side of the porch, etc. etc.

Apartment B was also not bad, there were some nice wind chimes hanging over the porch, some of the blinds were a little bent, but it wasn't awful. The most interesting thing was the presence of some stickers on the door--one bumper sticker that said, "widow maker" and a picture of a flaming skull.

Turns out, that was the apartment we were looking at, and is now the apartment which we will be living in. Nate and I will be taking our rocker sides far beyond just Guitar Hero III this summer. We'll be living in the Widow Maker apartment.

I sure hope this works out well.


  1. Why Tremonton? That's quite a commute.

  2. OH. I totally forgot to tell you. Nate was in my dream last night. (Random) We were hanging out like we used to and he said we should go eat dinner somewhere "nice" so I got dressed up, and then he drives us to PIZZA HUT! I woke up laughing.

  3. Actually, Nate has a internship this summer for three months. We're moving back to Provo after the internship, but we'll be gone for three months in the meantime.