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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Golly Miss Molly

We spent Memorial Day weekend with family, and it was fabulous. Indy did such a good job with all of the people and,in spite of a few accidents, our whole family was really understanding and kind.

We also brought a few fantastic things back with us. First, there's a washer, from Nate's family's neighbors across the street. Then, there's a dryer from Nate's family. I know that they got a new dryer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was mostly just so that we could have the old one.

Last night, after we got back here, we were hooking things up, and loading them into the laundry room, I looked at Nate and said, "Whoa, this is our first washer and dryer! We own these! Shouldn't this be like...a significant moment or something?"

Seriously, it's fabulous. I can't wait to do a load of laundry in our own house, and to not wait until we're out of underwear to do a load.

To top off the generosity of procuring us a washer and dryer, Nate's family let us trade cars with them so that we could bring them up to Tremonton this week, without having to wait or anything. This also allowed us to bring up the 6' siesta sac that we got off of Craigslist for $45. This thing is amazing. I'm so glad we bought one...especially for so cheap, because I am, in fact, pretty cheap.

On Sunday night, Indy got to meet Carlos and Stephanie too--which was great. I think he liked the calmer environment...at least after meeting all the cousins and trying to sleep in the middle of the Family History Fashion Show (a blog post for another time, because it deserves it's own). He really loved playing catch, and also playing "Frisbee." Thanks guys.

How on earth have we been so blessed? We stayed with G&G Elison, and they fed us, and gave us THE most comfortable bed (honestly, it was wonderful), and, thanks to Grandpa, we got to see Prince Caspian for free on Saturday Morning. Monday was spent at two BBQ's--one with the Murrays and one with the Frosts. We had hamburgers, chips, salads, Ribs, Chicken. We even got to play Wii Fit.

We really have the best families ever. They love us so much, and do whatever they can to help us out. They were also willing to take the time to spend with us while we were in town. Hopefully, we can sometime return the favor. You are all so wonderful, and we absolutely love you. I hope that you can be blessed just as much as you bless us. Thank you!


  1. When you blog about our fashion show be sure and pst t he pictures too:)

  2. We love you guys! We love the newest member of the family too! Give Indie a hug for me! I can't wait for the fashion show post!