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Thursday, May 22, 2008

He's Here!

I don't know why he looks so tiny here...

And so HUGE here. He really is pretty small.

He's so much more adorable in person. He hasn't barked yet, he's only whined a little bit, and he's even gone to the bathroom where he's supposed to a couple of times. Right now, he's spread out, totally on his belly, all his limbs out, asleep.

He's awesome.


  1. Nate sure has a big head, or you have a really small one.

  2. We saw the new "Indy" movie tonight. It was good but the puppy is cuter.
    Congratulations! Aunt Lori

  3. Ahhh, cute little guy. Totally steals your heart.

  4. So cute! How fun for you guys. And I love the name.

  5. cute cute!!! I cant wait to see him