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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

There are some things that I really love about our current apartment. It has hardwood floors, which, although they require more sweeping, are pretty fantastic. This stove is also wonderful. It's got all kinds of digital features, and it boils water like no other. As a result of having such a stove as this, I've been doing more baking as of late. Today, I made banana bread. On Sunday, I made this:

It was a fantastic lemon cake with cream cheese frosting and a fresh strawberry glaze.


On Sunday night, Nate saved me from
a bunch of baby bugs that decided to take up residence in our apartment. The windows were open, and one of them doesn't have a screen. Pretty soon, there were clusters of small flies and mosquitoes clustered around the tops of all three of our lamps. When I saw them, I let out a small yelp. Being disgusted, I was having trouble thinking of what to do. Nate came to my aid and grabbed the vacuum, and he sucked all the little bugs up. My Hero.

Tomorrow is when we get Indiana. I've been working on "Puppy Proofing" the house. Oddly enough, tons of the stuff for puppies looks just like the stuff for babies, and some of the rules are similar. Teething toys, play pens, etc. As well as making sure that stuff that the dog could eat is off of the floor. And making sure that things that you don't want chewed are out of reach. While I'm super excited, I will have some issues if the dog gets a hold of my Chacos. Guess I'll just have to keep the shoes off the floor.

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