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Monday, June 30, 2008

That Poor Woman...And Happy Birthday!

In AP European History, our teacher was completely insane. He'd rant and rave about just about any topic. One of his favorite was Sophia, sister of Peter the Great. While her life story is fairly treacherous, I would say that the ultimate part of her legacy, insofar as I know it, is this painting:

Tell me that this isn't the saddest painting that you've ever seen. Generally speaking, in pictures, they try to make you look flattering...if this is flattering...I feel such sorrow for that poor woman. Clearly, this artist was a little too realist for her own good.

Good old Coach Thomas used to randomly stick this picture up on the overhead. Then he would just chuckle to himself while the class sat in horror waiting for him to get rid of the picture.

In much more attractive news, today is Jared's Birthday!! He's a whopping 16 years old, which means that every one of the Frost's is now old enough to date...or is married. Jared is awesome. He ballroom dances--and well. He has a great sense of humor, and, somewhere he managed to pick up enough coordination to do a rip stick. He definitely didn't learn that from me. Congratulations Jared--you're awesome. Also, don't let the girls chase you too much.


  1. wow. That's weird!

  2. Happy birthday Jared! Fourth of July, fourth of July! Are you guys coming down? I want to party it up with y'all!