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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alternative Fuel

I've been thinking about alternatiwording ve fuels lately...especially since the price of gas has turned into an exponential function. While at the physics conference I've been at this week, we saw this movie:

I think that this is a pretty great idea. I also think that their marketing is interesting--1/10 of the state of New Mexico, is actually about 12,000 square feet. While I don't really see a huge problem with taking some of New Mexico (sorry if you're attached, I'm not), or any other desert state for that matter, their comparison is important. They don't say that they'd need an area larger than Vermont, for instance, or New Hampshire. Or that if they used the entire states of both Connecticut and Rhode Island, then they'd have enough land. Nope, they picked a state that no one really thinks about, and that no one really knows the size of (it's actually the fifth biggest state in the USA). I'm not sure if I find this sneaky...or clever.

At any rate, it sure looks sustainable. You just feed these little guys, and they make the stuff you need. What do you think?


  1. ummmm....did you mean 12000 square miles?

  2. Whoops...yes I did. Thanks! 12,000 square feet is only the size of a few large houses.