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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Various and Sundry Things

I was going through some pictures on our camera from this last weekend, and I found this picture of Nate, smiling a smile that I don't think I've ever seen caught on camera before. Looking at it made me realize that he looks like someone....

Oh yeah! His little cousin Gavin! Putting these two pictures side by side makes me wonder if Gavin will grow up to look like Nate. Honestly, I sure hope he's that lucky. :) I mean, he's already got some sweet dance moves. Give Gavin the looks too, and that kid's got it made.

Here's a picture I snapped yesterday. Indiana was just sitting on the couch next to Nate, and it struck me as picture-worthy. What else does a boy need but a dog and his laptop?

I found that I had a couple of bug bites on my leg last night. They're a little bit red and swollen, so Nate wanted to draw a circle around the swelling so that we could see if it spread anymore today (it didn't). Then Nate added the nose and mouth. This reminds me of when my dad used to give us Mr. Ziploc on our fingers. My dad's Mr. Ziploc was much less crazy looking though.

I saved this picture for last, because I didn't want you all to be so jealous that you stopped reading. Remember yesterday's mention of 20 pounds of red potatoes? Well, after cutting up about half the bag and filling two gallon freezer bags with french fry cut and hash brown cut potatoes, I ran out of both room and desire. So, what do do with the rest of the potatoes? Clearly, if they just sit in the bag they'll go bad, and the whole investment will be ruined (although, price wise, even getting half of the bag, 10 pounds, for $5.99 is better than 5 pounds for $3.99). Nate and I saw this tip on PBS once, and I decided that I should do it. The potatoes are now in a pair of pantyhose, which are tied off after each individual potato. To use the potatoes, you just cut a slit in the section where the potato you want is located, and then use the potato. if you cut a small enough slit, you can reuse the pantyhose potato holder again. This also works really well for Onions--Nate and I tried it with knee-highs a while back.

Please try and not be too sad that you don't have your own pantyhose potato holder--you can make it too, just get a pair of pantyhose, and some potatoes, and it'll keep them fresh for a long time, since there's plenty of air flow, as well as plenty of space between the potatoes. The ones in the top part, that are all touching, I'm planning on using first. I just didn't have enough pairs of pantyhose to make many potato holders.


  1. Teehee...why am I not surprised that you have a pair of nylons full of potatoes hanging from your kitchen cupboards. :) Hey, rumor has it that you guys have cell phones now. Did they come complete with a number which I may have? (PS: mine is 801-885-5819 if you just wish to call it and leave a message so I may have yours)

  2. fun pictures. that is a lot of potatos!! oh and tell your mom congrats. she is a wonderful lady!