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Monday, July 21, 2008

Because I like Comments...

I put off doing this for a bit...because I don't want to look like I'm following the blogger crowd, and I don't want to look desperate for comments. I'm feeling nostalgic though, and would rather look a little desperate in the hopes of gathering some good memories.

So...yeah. Leave a comment with a memory, and I promise to reciprocate. It'll be like a reunion...only we're not actually together. I guess it's more like we're 80 and making phone calls to each other where every sentence starts with, "remember that one time..."

Anyway, I'd like to hear from you. Leave a message at the beep.



  1. Hey, nicole. It's Chase. Remember the 50th anniversary reunion? That was fun! Anyways, Have a good life.

  2. Remember that one time that Jarom and I tried to come visit you at FFH during the teacher strike, and instead of having a nice chat, we got escorted back to Armijo by the police? Yes, I remember that too. And I probably always will.

  3. Hey, remember that one time I cut my hair with utility scissors and you ran all the way down from Wymount to fix it? OR remember when I called you early one morning to remind you that Nate was getting back from his mission? OR Remember that one time I held back the branch from the tree and it hit you in the eye and you had to wear a patch? How about when we would climb on the rainbow tree?

  4. I hear you. I didn't want to be a dorky crowd-follower either...but I wanted the memories! So thanks for sharing yours. I remember that day, too.

    My memory is from when I came to see you in the dorms and you told me all about Nate. You'd told me some about him before, but this time, I saw a picture and got the full story. It looked like a match made in heaven to me!

  5. Remember that one time after I broke up with Ryan and you came over and we watched some silly chick flick and you were the one who ended up crying?

    Or remember your last night at the Brick Oven...as the night progressed, we slowly removed pieces of clothing until we were proudly displaying our "Market Room Girls are Saucy" shirts?

    Or remember that one time we went clubbin and that guy asked us if we went to BYU?

    Or remember that one time we went canoeing down the Potomac?

    Or remember how you quickly you became one of my very bestest friends and how happy I was every day that we were friends?

    Maybe that last one was a little too mushy. My bad.
    I love your guts, friend.

  6. I'm not even close to 80, yet most of my conversations start with "Remember when...?"

    Remember when we made the movie about superheroes and a cat with two heads? Remember when you joined my family? Remember how much I love you?

    I remember the first time I met you. I know I've told you this before, but you were wearing a black sweater, and that is the first night Nate kissed you. Hooray!

  7. Remember when your Mom and Grandma drove from California to meet Nate and surprised you both by being at our house?!! I still remember the look on your face. Then we had your favorite-meatloaf-for dinner. Love you!! Mom M

  8. That Thanksgiving you spent with me at my grandparents was a fun one. So were those times we played Monkeyball with Carlos and Craig, and ate buckets of ice cream. Ha! Or our weather class project, when the car got stuck. Cooking for Robbie, when he was hungry but afraid of the stove. Cooking for ourselves, and making up recipes. Home teaching visits from Brother Bauer and Brother Almaeda. All your houseplants and toys. Eating those plums that grow on campus. Lots of things.

  9. Remember that book we made, Inside Jokes for Outsiders? Hi, Maintenance! Remember when I visited you in Tennessee and we threw wads of tissues or paper at the TV as we watched the 3rd Anne of Green Gables movie? Oh, and then there was that time we were at the mall and decided to sit on all the chairs and benches in the mall. Remember how cool our snowman Mortimer was that we made on that bench outside the HFAC? Oh, and one of my favorite memories, that girls' night out you planned, and how we went to Walmart and tried on rings, and I totally had no clue you were conspiring with Carlos.

  10. I just thought of some more

    Remember when you put that fly in the grape jelly of my sandwich?

    Remember when that boy broke my heart and you gave me flowers and told me you loved me and that everything would be okay?

  11. I remember that your house was the premier place to be after stake dances. Sometimes, your mom would make her cinnamon rolls (those were SO good), and we would just sit around and talk. Other times, there would be ice-cream and a movie. Either way, it was loads of fun.

  12. Shampoo slip and slide. With Jay Brown's approval, of course.


  13. I dunno, I mean, we just don't have that many memories together, ya know?

    Remember when you got stuck in the elevator? And then you made a really great beatnik type poem about it and recited it during ward prayer accompanied by Thelma on the bongos?

    Remember when we had side by side bunk beds and our room was like the messiest place I'd ever seen?

    Remember when you thought I was being passive aggressive toward you by closing your plant in the fridge door?

    Remember when we used to IM back and forth even though we were in the same room?

    Remember when I helped Nate kiss you for the first time and then told the whole floor about it so they were all waiting for you when you got home?

    Remember when I was dating Joel?

    Remember when I came to visit you after a certain event and I was all upset and you let me spend the night?

    Remember when you met Wes and you guys got along really well?

    I could keep going, but I think this might be the longest comment ever.

  14. Remember that time when you used to stop by our room to see how we were doing and we'd have fun talks and your would share your letters from Nate and relate with Kaela and try to help me with Calc 2 even though I was hopeless and Sarah and I'd read the 100-hour Board and make guesses and finally I recognized the story about the fish in the urinal? Yeah, those were good times :) Here's to pretty much basically the best RA ever in my life.

  15. I remember how I met you. Don't you remember that? It was so funny! I was with Nathan and you were IMing him, and he'd tell me what to write and I'd write it. You could tell that it was me, because he told me to write laugh out loud instead of lol. Good times!