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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Indiana's Getting Schooled... Updated

I dropped Indiana off at the Vet's today to get fixed before we move. We decided to do it now since he doesn't have any annoying male puppy behaviors, and we'd like to keep him that way, because he's so great right now.

It was so sad to leave him at the vet's though. As soon as we walked into the door he turned as if he wanted to head back out of it. Then we went all the way back to the kennel room where he has to wait until it's his surgery time. He was really scared to go into the kennel, and once he was in he let out the most pathetic whine...I almost cried right there in the vet's office. They told me I could come and pick him up this afternoon. I stopped by a local butchers, and bought a couple of bags of dog bones on the way home. Once I got home, I called Nate, and then cried.

I had no idea I was THIS attached to him. I sure hope they do a good job.

Update: Indiana is doing fine, he's eating, he's playing (carefully) and he's happy to see us. Phew.


  1. Oh--we hope Indiana is feeling OK after being "tutored". We miss you guys so much and we still want to come see you and Mariel still wants a sleep over. Give Indy a hug--um, I mean Nate. Mom M

  2. I didn't comment on a memory, but I will take this time to tell you that I love the name Indiana for your cute dog!

  3. This makes me want a dog! (Is that weird?) I want to name him Mr. Robitussen.

  4. I made play dough today, and it reminded me of the time you made potatoes and put mayonnaise in them. :D