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Monday, July 28, 2008

More Indiana News

On Sunday night, we took a little trip to the Vet's office, because Indiana had run under a trampoline too close to a pole and gotten his skin caught on a bolt that was poking out underneath it.
Seeing that it was a bad cut, we decided he would probably need some stitches. Our neighbor (who's house we were at) called the vet. Soon after that, Indiana was temporarily bandaged until the vet could meet us over there.
This is me, holding our poor bandaged puppy. I'm making this face because I'm sad for him--especially since he's already been to the vet one this week for surgery.
This is what Indiana's cut looked like after it was all stitched up. He got 4 stitches, and the end result looks kind of like a phoenix. We're certain he will rise again and play with his friend.
But, for now, he needs to rest a little. The poor puppy also has to grow fur back in two places where he's been shaved recently.
We don't want to focus on that though, let's enjoy some pictures of Indiana and Stormy playing for now, and hope that they can play again before we move on Friday.
Also, in case you don't know--getting two small puppies to sit still long enough to get a picture taken is nearly impossible.

Confession: While we were there helping/watching the vet take care of Indiana, I actually had to leave the room and go outside for a second because I felt lightheaded and queasy. This is not my normal response to situations like this. I can give blood and help clean up a cut or a scrape without too much difficulty. While the vet was cleaning out Indiana's cut and shaving him around it and everything else, I just couldn't take it. Thankfully Nate, who usually has more difficulty with this kind of thing than I do, managed to hold it all together the whole time. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't become a pediatrician or a dentist like I thought I wanted to for awhile. I really can't handle the thought that I'm helping to cause people physical pain...even if it fixes them in the long run.


  1. Poor Indiana!! Get better soon. We miss all 3 of you!

    Mom M

  2. You think it is bad when your pet gets hurt? - wait until it is one of your children. (And I'm sorry to tell you - it will happen.) It is even more terrible. Aren't we glad there are people who can help us!! (and that we have spouses with stronger stomachs.) Love, ALLEE