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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the Files...

I was going through some of our old files, in an effort to consolidate what we have into one place, instead of having it on two computers and a removable hard drive. In the process, I found these pictures.This was after a trip to Panda Express. I got the best. fortune. ever.

Seriously, this is what came out of my cookie.

I believe that this is my impression of being so cool I don't care what you think...I don't even have to do anything to my hair I'm so cool.

...or not.

These girls, however, are that cool. These are their Tour of Italy Shirts. You'd never know they made them themselves.

This is when I started fighting with Sophie because I was so jealous of their awesome shirts. As I recall, I lost.

Somehow though, we managed to be friends, even if we couldn't center the picture..

This is the picture that we're going to put on the "be an RA!" flier sometime. Seriously, look at the kind of people you work with.

Wendy and Sophie, I miss you guys. We should play more often. Also, if you want to get me one of those Tour of Italy shirts, I wouldn't complain too much. I'm still ever so slightly jealous.


  1. nice! I can;t believe what came out of the cookie!!!

  2. What the!?! What am I doing on your blog? And those were pretty awesome shirts...good times. I'll see what we can do about getting you one. Although my puff paint is stashed in a random box in a storage unit somewhere in Idaho. We may have better luck finding the Ark of the Covenant...

    PS: We should hang more. The next time we're headed through Tremonton I'm calling you.

  3. So I'm pretty sure I have some green and yellow puff paint on hand (the perks of coaching a cheer squad). How about we organize the West Coast Puff Paint Convention. I'm sure we'd have an incredible turnout. Anyone interested? :)

    I love you and miss you guys. Please let's plan something. I'm not just saying that. I'm serious. Jack Bauer serious.