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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Love This.

Nate and I have decided to do a no sugar diet again. The last time we tried this was back before we got married, and it wasn't that bad. We had an end date in sight. This time, we've decided not to have any end date--we're just going to do better about sugar. This, at least right now, doesn't include things like jelly, peanut butter, natural sugars, etc. Though maybe, once we're through the jelly and peanut butter that we currently have, it will. We'll see. For now, it includes things like candy, ice cream(!), cookies, cake, etc. An occasional otter pop is allowed, kind of like a nicotine patch. Honestly, it's not too hard, it just takes a little more thinking than not. It stops me from just snacking, which is all too easy, and when I need something sweet, I do a better job of grabbing some fruit.

Anyway, as I was looking for possible sugar-free cookie recipes, I basically came upon a vegan recipe place. At the bottom of the web page, I found a link to this place. I've mentioned before that I'm not really granola, or green, or vegan, etc. Looking through this site, however, I really like them. For everything you buy, they donate food to different organizations. You can also just straight donate to feed an American family through food banks, and they don't keep any overhead. Also, all their goods are fair trade, and their prices really aren't super high, as some of these goods are wont to be.
At any rate, if you're in need of giving me a present, you're welcome to buy me this at any time.


  1. Dad and I are also doing a no sugar diet. Except this diet is NO sugar. Besides natural sugars. We're going until vacation. It's hard, but we'll make it.

  2. THAT is very cute. I love it!

    And I want to hear more about how your no sugar diet goes.