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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weekend Adventures...Part 2

In which we had our camera, and simply failed to take many pictures.

First thing in the morning we headed out to the Provo Parade. There were some awesome floats and people, and music, but we just watched until the Provo missionaries came through, and then Nate wanted a picture. So we took a couple. We took Indiana with us, and towards the end this group of little girls became really interested in him. They were all trying to get his attention, and one little girl, who happened to be the littlest of the group, kept ripping up grass from the area and trying to feed it to Indiana. He happily ate what he could from them.

After the parade, we headed back to Nate's parent's house, where we got out the paper rocket launcher that I made a little while ago in a physics conference, and started launching paper rockets down the street. We also tried attaching smoke bombs to the ends of the paper rockets. It was pretty cool.

We then headed over to my parent's house for some sweet Mario Kart racing and some lunch. My parents and family then headed out to work at Stadium of Fire, while Nate and I headed back to the Murray's. I'm pretty sure that this is where we took a 2 and a half hour nap.

Yes, that's right, 2 and a half hours. Wait, no. That happened on Saturday--but it did happen.

Once back to the Murray's, there was more Mario Kart, and Nate and Abby and I went to Walmart whre I got some contacts and we got some rocket making supplies for the evening of cousins. We also got a few fireworks. And, now that I think about it...this happened on Thursday night. Regardless, there was a lot of Mario Kart this weekend.

Friday night, all of the Elison/Edwards clan came over for fireworks and food. As usual, when that group of family gathers, there were plenty of delicious things to eat. We set off fireworks galore, which was fantastic. During one session of snake lighting, Chase made the comment that the snakes were, "The Devil's Untrimmed Fingernails." This phrase was quickly adopted by other cousins present, and the snakes took on a much cooler tone to the boys who were sitting around as I lit them.

After the Elison/Edwards festivities, we went to my parent's house to light some more fireworks. Fire and family--who could ask for anything more?

Saturday morning, we got to go and see Wall-e for free. I thought it was a really interesting film. I won't go into too many things in this post, but it touched on a lot of interesting things.

Then we went to a BBQ with the same Elison/Edwards group, which was delicious. Then there was the Nap mentioned above. Then some more Mario Kart, first with the Murrays, and then with the Frosts.

Sunday we went to church with Grandpa Murray, and then we had lunch with the Murrays, and said goodbye to both families and headed back up to Tremonton. It was a great weekend, and we did a lot of things that made my Fourth of July well worth being one of my favorite holidays.


  1. Sounds like fun!

  2. Whoa, the devil's untrimmed fingernails? I definitely missed that one.