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Friday, October 10, 2008

And Suddenly, it's October.

I can't believe the change that's come over Utah. It went from being ridiculously hot, to everything being just...crisp. The other day, I was talking to Nate and I told him that fall is one of my favorite seasons because everything is crispy...like the leaves. I have since realized that crisp is probably a better description. Still, I love it. I can wear sweaters, and jeans, and not want to rip my clothing off in public places because of the excessive temperatures. This is a good thing, especially when you are employed by the public school system.

Speaking of employment, for the most part, I really do like it. Overall, I've got great students, and the subject matter is really enjoyable. I like coming to work and feeling smart, and then helping other people feel smart once they get it too. I think Physics makes people smarter...if it doesn't melt their brains first.

In other news, exactly 5 years ago, Nate and I went on our first date to one of BYU's Homecoming dances. We were dressed up fancy, we were dancing the night away, and I went from thinking he was pretty cool to wondering about whether I was OK with breaking with my previous desire to only kiss the man I married. Guess I ended up solving both issues by both kissing him 2 weeks later, and then my marrying him about 3 years later. Happy 5 years of close association Nate, I still think we're pretty cool.


  1. What!! You guys kiss??? Sure glad you are a part of our family, Nicole! Happy "Anniversary".

    Mom Murray

  2. Hahaha, Mom-that is so funny. Also "Happy 5 years of close association" made me laugh so hard! Oh, Nicole, I'm just glad.

  3. I love that crisp feeling. There's just nothing like it.
    It's not quite the same down here in Phoenix...crunch some leaves for me up there, will you? You can kiss Nate while you do it if you want.