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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Universe:

Today I made meatloaf.

No, seriously, it's cooking in the oven right now. Whoda thunk it?

Also, we have two dogs this week. If you could get the second one to stop waking up at 3:00 in the morning and have her not throw up on our bed at 5:00 am, it'd be really nice. I know, I know--they're great during the day, they play together, etc. but the lack of sleep is really starting to cramp Nate and my style.


-Nicole Murray


  1. Yikes, it's bad enough that she wakes you up, but to wake up to throw up on your bed? That's not cool. So are you dog sitting for a friend?

  2. You making meatloaf surprised me more than you saying a dog threw up in your bed...Well...How long do you have Lady for?

  3. You have dogs? I'm so jealous! Mike said I had to choose between getting a puppy and having a baby... kind of unfair. I think that he will give in eventually. I may just have to have our little girl convince him otherwise :)