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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Vacation Part of Moving

While much of the moving process was mostly long and not terribly exciting, the first day we drove to Denver, and we ate here at Casa Bonita:

Here, Nate helps to demonstrate how different our heights are, since I have to crane my neck just to get my face into the picture.

This is is inside of Casa Bonita--there are waterfalls, and different rooms, and a gorilla guy that just runs around making a rucus. Apparently there are also cliff divers and such, but we had to hurry, and didn't see any of them. We did see some of a magician act--he wasn't too bad. Apparently he was voted best magician in Colorado though, so maybe we just weren't there long enough to be properly impressed by his act.

We actualyl got to eat in the theatre where he was performing, so that was nice. The space between the tables was a little bit small...or maybe I was just a little bit bigger than I recalled. :)

One of the things that you get for going are Sopapillas. I don't know that I spelled that correctly, but they're essentially fried scones. Then you can put honey on them, and jam, or whatever you like. Nate was attempting to squirt honey onto his from one of the condiment bottles on the table. Turns out the lid wasn't on that tight, and so Nate got a little more honey than he barganed for. We shared it.

After picking up Indiana, who'd spent our dinner time at the Vet getting a few vaccines, we headed down to Colorado Springs to see these guys:

Seriously, this was the best part of the move. There was a movie, and ice cream, and fabulous soup, and homemade bread, and good company, and homemade apple cobbler. Laurie, your food was the best we had the whole trip. It was so great to see you guys.

On top of their fine hospitatlity, they even took us to see The Garden of the Gods. This is an awesome place that's totoally free to get into because of a donation made by a family. People were rock climbing, and just wandering around. It was really cool.

This is supposed to be two camels kissing--way up there at the very top of the picture, where the tiny little hole is.

Indiana got to come too--and he was so glad to be out of his tiny little space in the car.

Here's the only picture we got of all of us the whole trip. Thanks Uncle Brent!

Sadly, we had to leave Colorado Springs and get on our way. It was such a nice break though--the perfect way to start out our long drive was with a stop and some fun along the way. Thanks again, Colorado Elisons!

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  1. Glad to hear the trip wasn't all bad! I'm such a fan of Casa Bonitas! What a fun/funny place!

    Can't wait for futher updates!