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Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving Out

So, as usually happens when you drive across the country, we saw some awesome things.

Sadly, we didn't get pictures of all the awesome things we saw, but I jotted down a few notes so I wouldn't forget.

Sunday night in Kansas there was a pretty awesome thunder and lightening storm. Unfortunately, this was also the night that we found out that Indiana is afraid of thunder storms. He was up for quite a bit of the night whining and trembling, and he wouldn't calm down unless one of us was petting him and he was close to us. It was really sad, and it gave us a teeny tiny little taste of our future in a few months. Hopefully our daughter won't be so scared of thunder!

Monday, in Kansas, we were ambushed by 6-7 Direct TV vans. Seriously, all on the interstate at the same exit. My rearview mirror suddenly fills with these vans. I hope that there was some kind of conference or something, because otherwise I don't know why they'd all be in the exact same place at the same time.
Also driving through Kansas, we happened upon a sign that forced us to pull off at the next exit. We resisted the 5 legged cow, and the XXXXXL dress shop, but we just couldn't ignore the Czech Capitol of Kansas. Really...could you? We went in, we stopped at a grocery store to use the bathroom, and went to a gift shop where we got some czech pastries, and a German sandwhich, and we also went to the czech museum. Unfortunately, the woman who took us through the museum also wanted to tell us all about it, and so we were there for about an hour and a half. There was some cool stuff there, but it was just a loooong time to go through a few rooms. Overall though, it was a pretty great stop.

This was Indiana for all the days we drove. Poor guy. He had more room than a kennel, and we made sure to let him out and walk around, but he sure was glad when the whole trip was over. Probably more glad than the rest of us!

Driving through Missouri, We ran into a place run by someone named Rose. She has a series of stores all in a row that include the following: gifts, wireless, cigarettes, and cremation. Yes, you can get a cell phone contract, cigaretts, and cremated all within the same city block. And the basic cremation package is only $495!

Also, we stayed in pretty good hotels all the way across...except for the Knights Inn around Columbus OH. They gave us a smoking room, even though we asked for non-smoking. The whole place was just really seedy, and I don't really want to know what kind of deals were taking place around the back lot. We didn't even shower in the morning because the bathroom smelled so badly of smoke. We just left, got breakfast at Wal-Mart (apparently, the hotel had none, or it was over super early.)

I drove through traffic at rush hour in a couple of cities...which was a bit stressful since I was unfamiliar with said cities, and involved a lot of merging and lane changes. Honestly, it wasn't really any busier than driving on the interstate in Utah County though, and most of our drive there would be just a couple of cars for miles. Overall, the drive was great--the weather was basically partially cloudy the whole time, which we've decided is the best possible weather for traveling. We hit a little rain and construction when we crossed over into Pennsylvania, but other than that, it was great, in spite of the ease of it all, we sure were glad when we didn't have to be squished into our car with all our stuff any longer.

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