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Monday, September 14, 2009

But Who Will Help Me Eat the Cupcakes?

Last night, after watching Nate put together our awesome Graco Travel System, I decided that I should bake some treats. So I made These.

I have to say, I adore the way the mint cuts the richness of the cake. Not that I hate rich desserts. The mint really makes it feel light and refreshing.

The problem here, of course, is that I now have 20 cupcakes (yes, I did make 24...so?), and no one to help me eat them. Seriously, if you'd like to send help somehow, I wouldn't mind it at all.


  1. Could you just post the recipe so we can have our own excess cupcake problem?

  2. The link to the recipe is linked through the word "These." In case it doesn't work, you can find the recipe here:



  3. If only you lived such a little bit closer...

  4. Can you freeze them until, say...February!! They look yummy and mint and chocolate are my fav!!