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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tour de Murray

I'm sure you've all be dying to see our house, so I thought I'd take you on a tour of basically what I see during the day.

First, I wake up in this room. This is the dresser, and this is Indiana. He regularly sits and looks out the windows. If the curtains are closed, he swats the curtains open with his nose until he can see out of them the way he would like to. This happens all the time--probably because there are many interesting things to see outside. This also leaves some interesting nose prints on the window.

This is the bed that was here when we moved in. It's great! We've upgraded from a full to a queen, and the new amount of room is pretty fantastic. The only bad thing about the room is that the floor is incredibly uneven. I think we've finally figured out a configuration that doesn't end up with one of us rolling off the bed.

Here's the view from the door. That's the crib, and we love it. We also love Indy.

This is our bathroom, it's got a nice amount of room in it, as well as storage. Good job bathroom.

This is the shower and our robes. Sometime, I'll tell you about the gigantic spider that tried to live in Nate's robe. He got evicted.

Once you leave the bathroom, you can go down the stairs. This is a collection of hats that Nate's started. The stairs seemed like a good place for them.

Here's the base of the stairs. They're pretty easy to vacuum with our small vacuum. In fact, if I plug the vacuum in just to the left of this picture, I can vacuum the entire house in one swoop.

Hello living room. That couch turns into a bed--if you want to come and visit us, you can sleep there.

Turning just to the left of the stairs, you can see the kitchen...and laundry room.

If you turn to the left again, you'll see a sliding door that leads to this porch. This is a view we have every day.

Here's the view to the left.

And to the right. Just through those trees is our next door neighbor. Now that we don't share any walls with anyone, we can do things like vacuum at 12:00 midnight. Oh the freedom!

Here we are back in the kitchen. I bake a lot here. I'll also feed you if you come and visit. :)

Leave the kitchen, and you're back in the living room. This is another couch we have, you could sleep here too. Let's go through that door in the back left corner there.

And now we're into the guest room/future nursery. Right now it's sort of the room where we keep the extra pillows and blankets and games...and stuff. What's that red curtain in the right corner?

Well, it's a bathroom! OK, half a bathroom. They've turned a closet into a bathroom, and while it's a little funny, at least we have a bathroom downstairs--it's really nice.

Here's the other half of the bathroom...or quarter of the half bathroom?

So, let's leave that room, and bathroom. Here's the living room again--that white door, that's the front door. Let's go out of it.

This is our house, in all of it's rustic glory. Our roof is metal, which means when the branches and such fall down on it, I tend to freak out and think there's someone in our house. When I freak out, Nate has to get up and check. So far, no branches have broken in, and I've managed to stop freaking out on as regular a basis.

This is the yard to the left of our house. I hope you're not too jealous, but it really is fantastic. You're welcome to come check it out--you could even camp in our backyard and use that fire pit.

Whether you come and camp, or visit for the day, we can go and check out the rest of the property--on a mini hike. We'll start out here, and head along a little path into the forest.

After walking for about a minute, we'll come to this stream that runs down from the mountain.

This guy almost always beats everyone else to the stream. It may be his very favorite part of living here.

If you walk through the last few trees for another minute or so, you'll get to these train tracks. This is the end of our property, but the land on the other side is state land, and we're totally allowed to go and explore it. Also, there really are trains that go along these tracks. Most of the time, we just here it clack by, other times, when a conductor who used to live in this area drives by, he'll blow the whistle a little too. It's pretty awesome.

If you want to visit, room and board, as well as the local landscaping is free...you've just got to get here.


  1. Wow... I love the East Coast. I think I'll come investigate the couch / kitchen soon. :)

  2. I'm coming...wish it were this weekend!!

  3. I love it! Such a cute blog, and cute house...and the baby stuff is just making me crazy! Yay for you guys...I'm so happy that you're all out in the East, starting a new life! Fun!

  4. What a yard! The house looks great too!

  5. Wow, awesome place! We'd love to see you when you visit Utah :) Miss you guys, and Lady says hi to Indiana!

  6. Cool house and landscaping! I love that you live in the middle of a forest. We totally want to come visit.

  7. wow..where do you guys live??? It looks cool/rustic! Funny the upgrades they did...1/2 bath closet and W/D in kitchen.

  8. We live in Central PA, and the W/D in the kitchen is pretty funny. Convenient for washing dish towels...but really odd otherwise.

  9. This is Batman. I miss you guys but love the house and can't wait to come stay this summer :)