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Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 Months?!?

Oh goodness, I can't believe Katie is already 3 months!

I'm really, really loving life with Katie. I had some struggles with adjusting to being a mom at first, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my new role, and really starting to enjoy more of each day. There have been so many moments of wonderfulness these last three months, but now it feels like there are hours of goodness at a time. Katie sleeps for a consistent 8-10 hours each night, and that might be part of what's making a difference. Nap time is getting better...though we're still working on getting it down--any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

Now there are so many smiles, and laughing too! How satisfying those little things are to my new mom heart. I really love seeing Nate play with Katie, and seeing her laugh. She seems to think her dad is the funniest thing ever, but I can get a laugh out of her every now and again. She's no shortage of smiles either. There are still meltdowns, blowouts, spit-ups, and more drooling as of late, but each day is also full of investigating, and learning, and figuring different things out--for both of us.

In the short three months that Katie's been alive she's:

Celebrated New Years Eve, Been to the ER for an X-Ray (bloody spit up the night she came home...all is well, our pediatrician just told us to get her checked out to make sure)

Taken a Road Trip, Visited Baltimore, Stayed in a Hotel, Flown on an Airplane

Got Blessed (I made that dress! I'm really pleased with how it looked on the model :)

Had a Party

Had a "Play Date," Visited an Art Museum, Went to several restaurants, Saw Disney on Ice, and a play (If you Give a Mouse a Cookie), as well as two movies (The Princess and the Frog at home, and Alice in Wonderland in Utah)

Been showered with love, gifts, and more love

Moved to a new apartment! (I'm probably most excited about this--it's a great place.)

Basically, we've all got good, full lives, and I have a feeling They're only going to keep getting better. Some days are more exciting than others, and Spring Break was a whole week of excitement. Thanks to everyone who we got to see. We miss you already. If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by. :D Happy Easter!


  1. I didn't know you made the dress; well done! You guys sure have had a lot of fun adventures in the past 3 months. It was great to see you and meet Katie while you were in town.

  2. Your baby is lovely! I am so glad you are enjoying her. Its hard not to. She's done more in her 3 months than I did by the time I was 12. I am sooooo jealous she sleeps so well at night. Tommy is almost 7 months and 6 hours straight is a rare blessing. :)

    Her blessing dress is impressive. I am sure you are a wonderful mom!

  3. awesome that you made her dress! I've never followed a pattern before. Also, nice on the sleep, 9 month old Michael sleeps 7ish hours, then 2-3ish hours. I've started not going in there unless he's really crying. Nap times have gotten better for us, he smiles at me as I tuck him in. Cute! I think she should take a nap after being up for 1 1/2hrs-2hrs. (equaling 2-3 naps per day). how long does she sleep for? 45mins or 90 mins?

  4. the blessing dress is BEAUTIFUL! Way to go, friend! And she really is darling! Oh, I wish I could meet her in person!