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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Favorite Food Blog

I recently discovered Mel's Kitchen Cafe by way of a couple of other food blogs. I can't believe how delicious and (for the most part) simple some of the recipes are. Some of them take a couple of extra steps (like letting bread rise), but they're really easy if you've got just a bit of time. So far, everything I've tried from there has been really good.

These cookies are really good, and these sandwiches are just about as good as the Italian Place, and we have yet to find better than the Italian Place when it comes to Phillies. Yes, even in Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I hope you try some of her recipes. They're really, really good.


  1. I seriously love love love this blog. I have made so many things from there and it's almost all good. I'll have to let you know some of my favorites! By the way, your baby is ADORABLE. I want to see her in real life!

  2. Best food blog