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Friday, August 26, 2011

Jazz up Your Jeans

I wish I could have done Jazz Hands as well as Kayla did here. Definitely not going to happen though.
Also, I'm clearly missing Nate a little too much. This tree was begging for a hug.

Shirt: Walmart (Danskin Active Tee...love it.), Pants: Swapped with Ali (Today!), Shoes: Fake TOMS (Sole Envy), Necklace: Awesome hand painted metal beads from my mom.

Overall, kind of lovin' today. Jazzy Denim for all!


  1. In the words of your mama, those jeans make your butt look AWESOME!

    Don't give the tree all your lovin', you'll be home with Nate soon!

  2. You always told me everyone needs at least 8 hugs a day! You look fabulous!

    It's been so much fun to see what you can do with your clothes. I'm jealous of your mad skills!

    Miss you!