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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wear a Skirt

I love today, because I love skirts. In fact, I loved today so much, that I color-blocked, and tucked. Woot, woot!
Shirt: United Colors of Bennington, via garage sale, Skirt: BYU Bookstore...about 6 years ago, shoes: fake Toms

This necklace is THE Mojo. Nate got it from a scout leader back in his boy scout days, and before he went on his mission, he asked me to keep it safe for him. He had also very cleverly stuck $1.32 inside of it which we had been trying to get the other person to keep for months. My man is kind of tricky.


  1. I'm sad that skirt is from so long ago... I love the box pleats! And the color seriously pops.