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Friday, September 2, 2011

Wear Something on your Head

These pictures were taken at the end of a long day. I had a dentist appointment to get two fillings, on the top right, and center of my face. Our dentist is great, but my nose was numb for an hour or so...which is odd. Straight from there I went to work, which was fine, and now, here are pictures.
Shirt: walmart, Undershirt: Shade Shorts: thrifted, Shoes: crocs, gift from mom

This outfit looked boring when I put it on, so I added the yellow belt. My fingernails are also yellow. This outfit is such a good combination of prompts from this challenge: Belted, something new with my hair, neutral base with a pop of color, I even ended up wearing that undershirt backwards because I spilled on it. That's creative...right?

I made this hair thing a really long time ago--actually out of some of the scraps from the trench coat that I refashioned. I've just never figured out how to wear it. Finally, here it is.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I hate when the dentist makes your NOSE numb. How does that even make sense?!? That light flower us so cute in your dark hair!