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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OTI: Grace's Choice

Day two!  This one was Grace's pick, and I thought that I had the perfect idea for it all.
T-shirt embellished by me, skirt was a hand-me-down, belt stolen from Husband. 
"The shirt is blue!  And it has that navy and blue patterned fabric on the bow thing, and the belt could be the interpretation of the bag, and my hair is long enough for a side braid, and I have a skirt that's white!!!"

These were my excited thoughts as I saw the picture.  Then I put the outfit on and started taking pictures this morning, and it went a little bit downhill from there.
Yeah...the white skirt is not helping me look any smaller.

"Hello 29 weeks baby boy!"
So, yeah.  It was good in theory, but in practice it might need to wait until there's a little less of me...or just one person in the outfit photos.  Good things though:  hiking the skirt up like that covered up the mysterious grease spot that appeared right over my belly button that won't seem to leave.  Guess it's good that I got at least one more wear out of the shirt.

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  1. I actually kind of love the white skirt on you. It look so fresh and cool and flowy...perfect for being pregnant in the summer!

  2. You look amazing, as always! I love the white skirt (and can totally relate to that perma grease spot. What is with that??)

  3. You are absolutely glowing! The white skirt looks fabulous on you!