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Monday, June 11, 2012

OTI: Erica's Choice

It's another round of Open to Interpretation!  Yesterday was Erica's Choice, and here's my attempt
Gap t-shirt, Old Navy Maternity Shorts, Ralph Lauren Sneakers
 Yeah...it's a white T-shirt and Jean shorts.  I tried on another day to interpret this with more exciting and daring options (stealing husbands clothing, wearing a shirt as a skirt, etc.) and they were all pretty miserable failures.  Every outfit just made me look more like a Walrus...which is not what I want to feel like right now (even if the thought of lounging around on an ice float is very appealing at times).  I went with the "White Shirt, Cuffed Shorts, Sneakers" interpretation, and had a grand time at playgroup.

Sneakers...I tried.
Erica, Kayla, and Grace interpreted it much better.  Check them out for the real deal.


  1. Ha! Taking a picture in the mirror! Genius! Or I'm an idiot! I couldn't figure out how to get all of me!!!

  2. White shirt and shorts are where it's at! You rock it!