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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday Best for Boys: All Tucked In

I adore little boy Sunday clothes.  I've always thought that girls dresses and such are the only cute ones, but I think I've gotten much more giggly over Grayson's Sunday clothes.  Bowties!  Suspenders!  Vests!  Little Old Man Hats!!  Sunday Best for Boys will be a little series detailing helpful tips and DIY's for boys.

First, I thought of this when Grayson's shirt kept coming untucked.  What was the point of getting these cute shirts if they just keep getting untucked when I hold him (which, at church, is most of the time).

If you've got a few spare onesies sitting around that are a bit too small for your little one, you can give them some new life by repurposing them.

First, start with a onesie and a dress shirt.

Then, chop off the bottom.  Onesies are historically stretchy, so judge the amount that you cut off the bottom based on the baby that you're making this for, and the size of the shirt you're attaching it to.  The sunday shirt is a 12 month shirt, and the onesie is a 3-6 month onesie.  Grayson is a bit of a short fellow, so just a few inches of onesie is enough.

Then, button a couple of buttons on the Sunday shirt.  Make sure that everything lines up along the bottom well.

Now, here you have two options.  The simplest is to match right sides together, pin, and sew around the circle, removing pins as you go.

Here, I turned the Sunday shirt inside out.

This will completely work, but can produce a little bit of a bulky seam, so if you want a slightly flatter look, then try option 2:

Option 2:  Turn the Sunday shirt inside out. Pin the right side of the onesie to the back side of the shirt.  Your goal is to sew the top of the onesie into the shirt so that the original hem of the shirt remains flat.

I'm a little bit of a lazy seamstress, so I just skipped pinning, and sewed a basting stitch all the way around.  I matched the side seams together, and stretched the onesie slightly as I went.  Then, you turn both the onesie and Sunday shirt right side out and sew a proper seam along the existing hem seam from the Sunday shirt.  Feel free to use actual matching thread instead of white.  Either way, the point is to make the shirt stay tucked in, so hopefully you won't see it.

Now, to wait for Sunday, and make this messy little guy wear his new shirt!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Look at you! Making useful tutorials! I'm so proud :)

  2. Grayson that cutie! Great Idea Nicole :) this makes me homesick I miss my Chicago Gals! xoxo

  3. Great idea! I'll have to use that!

  4. Now that is just brilliant! My little man totally needs more clothes like this!