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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been feeling really short lately.  Not height-wise (though 5' 3" does not qualify as tall), but in just about every other aspect of my life.  I've felt rushed (short on time), grumpy (short on happy), tired (short on sleep) and I've been really short with my kiddos--Katie in particular.  Somehow, she's managed to find all the buttons that irritate me the most this past week, and has pushed them repeatedly.  This is probably a combination of her being 3, and me being irritable.  As a result, we've had some less-than-stellar days since coming back from vacation.
So innocent.
This is often how coming home from vacation feels.  You do a lot of prep work, you have a great time, and then you come home and are thrown back into the realities of making your own food, doing laundry, buying groceries, etc.  Vacation clean-up is the worst.

Those are Ninja Turtle socks.
So today, instead of planning a bunch of things to do, and then making myself crazy as we were running around trying to accomplish them, we mostly hung out at home.

Katie's outfit is 100% her pick today, and she did a great job!
 Grayson got all his naps in, we went on a longer walk with Indy, got some groceries, and a bubble machine. After Grayson's second nap, we spent a good half hour to 45 minutes outside in the beautiful weather in our courtyard playing with bubbles.

I love this picture--it's exactly why I wanted a phone with a camera.  
I was reminded, as we all had fun just playing with bubbles, that it's probably good to pay attention to some things that are short in life.  Grayson is already 10 months old, and Katie is 3.5 at the end of this month.
I love how those two bubbles by his eyes look like glasses
 Hopefully, they'll be amused by simple things like this for a long time yet, but I probably should make sure to savor afternoons like this just in case.

Because bubbles don't last forever.


  1. Yay Ninja turtle socks and bubble glasses!

    Also, great blog post. I've totally had that feeling of being short, a lot more often than I'd like to admit. A good reminder to take it easy now and then, to focus on enjoying life rather than just enduring.

  2. Loved this, friend! You're a wise momma.