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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, In Pictures

Katie and I got to go outside to take pictures, because the weather was so nice!

Grayson and basket--and bowtie!

Katie at the Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt.  She was a pro!

Katie with basket--Thanks Grandma for the dress!

Nate got Good Friday off, and we went to Sam's Club.  While leaving, he was holding Grayson in his left arm, and holding Katie's hand with his right.  This was my attempt to capture the sweet moment...unfortunately, it looks like someone had a wedgie. 
Easter weekend this year really seems to have marked the start of Spring...thank goodness!  We've been getting outside again, and exploring new parks, and we're all (especially poor Indy) SO excited for winter to be over.  Hooray Spring!


  1. I love your skirt! And that bowtie? I die. Wes has been wearing one lately and it killlls me.

  2. Love the pictures especially the "Super Dad"!!

  3. Of course your kids' Easter baskets are perfect in every way! What darling pictures. I agree - thank heavens this weather is warming up!!

  4. I love how well your grass turned out! It grew so much in a week.

  5. Did you cut your hair? It looks fabulous! I love the short, sassy look.