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Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's the Murray Show!

So, today in church Nate and I felt like we were pretty much taking the spotlight, and it wasn't even on purpose. First, in Sacrament meeting, we sang a musical number with another couple in the ward and with our friend on piano. It sounded really good (Nate is an amazing bass singer, in case any of you wanted to know). Then, in Sunday School, Nate and I were teaching because Nate is in the Sunday School Presidency and the teachers weren't there this week. After that, we went our separate ways to Relief Society and Priesthood, and made a couple of announcements. After church we were followed by a bunch of people to the car so we could hand out some bread to them all that we got from work this week. It's amazing what the words "free" and "food" will do to a group of young adults--especially young married adults. Anyway, we're becoming known at church as the bread people, and I guess that's ok--because it's helping people out a lot...or at least it's giving them free bread.

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  1. Your post title got the theme song from the Muppet Show stuck in my head. Thanks for blogging, though. I like the Murray Show.