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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Color Blocking

Today's prompt was the first one where, as soon as I saw it, I thought, "Hey! I can wear _____."

And now, a story:

Once upon a time, there was a very cheap girl named Nicole. She was so cheap, that the TOTAL cost of any of her outfits so far had never been more than $20. If you take out the shoes, the total cost was less $10 for any of her clothing.

One day she found a shirt on sale at Walmart for $1.00. "Who doesn't need a gray shirt?" she thought to herself, and stuck it in her cart.

Unfortunately, she took the shirt home, and found out why it was $1.00. It was kind of horrible. It didn't fit right, the stitching was off slightly so it twisted oddly, and the color was just...well...gray. It got tossed into the Goodwill pile with a handful of other clothes.

Then she had some free time, and decided to try and fix this shirt. Wasting even a dollar seems criminal...right? She grabbed two other shirts from the pile (both of which had been free) and got to work. At first she was trying to turn it into a tunic...but she made it WAY too long. So long that...with a little extra fabric, it could be a dress (not too bad for $1)!
Dress: three wayward shirts turned color block dress.(by me!) Shoes: Airwalk TOMS copies from Payless, Undershirt: Shade

A dress that could be worn comfortably from airport to airport...because, after all, it's just three T-shirts sewn together. If it were less fitted, I'm pretty sure it would be a muumuu, and/or a house dress. Just don't tell anyone, OK?


  1. Holy crap, you made your dress! You're amazing. And it looks smashing on you, by the way. Bow chicka!

    And I have those same shoes. I looove them.

  2. I LOVE it! I need something that I can wear in the airport and look awesome and feel comfy. I don't think I have the talents to MAKE it though, dang, girl!

  3. I am totally w/you on the cheapness factor. I'm trying to be good and getting rid of stuff (thanks hoarders for the inspiration!)
    And amazing that you made that dress!!! Out of shirts!! tutorial?

  4. Hoarders ALWAYS makes me itch to get rid of stuff. *Shudder*

    The dress is really really easy to make. I'll try and make a new one and take some pictures.