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Friday, August 19, 2011

Wear a Belt

I'm on vacation, folks, and it's FAN.TAS.TIC.

Seriously. I love my family and I love Nate's family, but being with them last night and today, it reminds me of how much I love being around them. They're fun and quirky, and Mariel even took all of these outfit pictures for me. My life is crazy good. It would be full-on insanity good if Nate were here too, but I'll enjoy myself for us both right now.

And now, the challenge. This one was actually a challenge for awhile. You can ask Nate, I've tried belting...it hasn't worked for me. Seriously...it hasn't worked at.all. Today though, it's working. I think I've figured out that I can only wear a belt at my waist or lower. The empire look doesn't work at all for me, and that's what I had been trying.

I even went to the thrift store a couple of days ago just for this challenge. I found this fabulous red belt, that's wide, and elastic, and it kind of looked like it came off an episode of The Golden Girls.
I hope you appreciate the strange faces here.

please excuse the fact that my legs look detached from my body.

I just had to take a picture of the shoes here, which were free! The thrift store near my house is called the Faith Center, and they send out an e-mail about every week. This e-mail usually contains some devotional, and if you can answer a question about the devotional, then you get something free (I've gotten a couple of pairs jeans and a shirt this way in the past). If you could answer the question this week, you'd get a pair of shoes for free. I read it, like I always do, and I thought, "Meh, I'm not going to just get shoes because they're free. I'll only get it if I could miraculously find some red wedges or something."

I walked into the store and there, in a basket, were these red wedges, in my size, like brand new. It felt like a little miracle, just to make me happy.
Shirt: Rue 21, Pants: Target, Belt and Shoes: Thrifted


  1. Is your belt adjustable? Because if so we MIGHT have the same exact belt..

  2. Red wedges! Oh, how I love red shoes!

    Also, HOW did you pull off checkered toenails?

  3. What a gorgeous red shoe miracle!! They were meant for you. I love them paired with the belt!

  4. I actually got these Pedi Frauds with some deal-a-day website. I got a credit for signing up, so it was free, and they've lasted about 2 weeks so far with minimal wear evident. Each pack comes with enough stickers for 2 full sets, so I might consider actually buying them if I ever paid for pedicures. Since I don't...maybe, maybe not. The product does do exactly what they say it will.

  5. I love the belt and shoes together! Looks fantastic!